ISTE 2011 Conference Cool Finds

The International Society for Technology in Education conference was held in Philadelphia June 25-29, 2011. The newest, coolest apps and devices were shared along with HOW and WHAT educators are doing to improve instruction and learning k-16.

The following links are some of the resources I came across while at ISTE

Geospatial Related

ESRI LandSAT Image Server - WOW! An easy to use one-stop for great imagery!
ESRI LandSAT Imagery Community -A community that has excellent examples and connections to LandSAT images

Change Matters - ESRI now hosts time comparison imagery for ANY location around the world to examine change.
ESRI Education Community Maps - an INCREDIBLE collection of interactive zoom-able maps for population, topography, soils, stream flow, demographics, severe weather, and more.

National Geographic Education Map Server - recently updated and well connected to a variety of multimedia resources and lessons.
National Geographic Map Maker Interactive - Create maps using a wide variety of themes and data easily
National Geographic's Global Action Atlas- A collection of projects across the world that are aimed at improving our world.

Arc Explorer Online (or download desktop)- a web based GIS tool to explore maps and data sets.

PRO ScribbleMaps - Go PRO!!! Free and versatile web mapping tool that is great to use with students.
The regular version is NOT a good choice for student work...

FieldScope - National Geographic's amazing tool to visualize data and highlight some citizen science work.

Science Simulations and Games

NOAA Interactive Games - Sea Turtles and Where the Rivers Meet the Sea are the two featured games on this site, but there are MANY smaller interactives available for NOAA at this same link.

JASON Project Digital Labs and Games - FREE excellent curriculum. Use the labs and interactives to support what you already do or to be tied into the excellent real world curriculum associated with the JASON Project.

EcoMUVE- Keep your eyes open for the official release of Harvard School of Education's multi user virtual environment ecosystem games/labs. SUPER cool! iste10 iste

GeoGebra - OK, not science but still an amazing application to get at important graphing ideas and shape ideas that are vital to science!

Technology Tools and Help

EdTechInnovators - amazing set of resources to support technology integration in the science classroom.

CNET Educational Downloads - CNET is one of the few SAFE download sites around. Check there first for what you might be looking for.

Really Cool New Tool Duel - NYSCATE presentation on tools for education between David Jakes and Bryan Smith. EXCELLENT